The best styles in casual footwear

The best styles in casual footwear

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We list the popular casual footwear styles for both men and women – get shopping on leading fashion sites to stay on trend.

Every person needs a good pair of shoes, but why stick to just one pair? There are so many different types of footwear to pick from, for both men and women. While office wear demands only certain types of shoes, casual settings are more fluid in terms of shoe fashion.

We’ve listed some popular and best styles of casual footwear to try this season. All you need to do is open an online fashion site like Jabong and look up new styles and fits. Then choose the right size of shoe and place your order. Voila! You’ve just bought yourself a new pair of shoes!

Here’s what you should be looking for when you buy casual footwear online from a leading fashion site:

* Sneakers. Sneakers have a unisex appeal. Whether you’re young or old, man or woman, anybody can rock a pair of well-crafted sneakers. They are meant for casual occasions, and they lend themselves well to all kinds of clothing, from a shirt and fitted trousers look to shorts and tees. There’s nothing cuter than a pair of sneakers worn with a short denim skirt and a tee, while guys can just slip on a pair of sneakers when they’re heading out in shorts and a printed shirt. Meanwhile, they also look great when worn with a casual blazer. Look for sneakers from Puma shoes for the best bargains.

* Flip flops. Every person has at least one pair of flip flops in their shoe cabinet. And why not? Flip flops are completely low maintenance, they never pinch your feet or give you shoe bites, and they can be worn in any weather. Leading online fashion sites like Jabong also have flip flops designed in an all-weather style. These have sturdy, anti-slip and strong-grip soles. Plus, flip flops can be of any colour – nobody expects you to match your flip flops with your clothes, so you can pick the most outlandish colour and design and still look trendy. Puma shoes have a few good options in this type of footwear.

* Bellies. Though a lot of women would like to have a series of stilettos in their shoe cabinet, the fact is that high heeled shoes are not the most comfortable options in footwear. The elevated heel puts pressure on the lower back and alters your walk. They are also not recommended for those with back and leg pain. Thus, flat shoes like bellies are the de facto option for most women. Not only do bellies look cute, they also go well with absolutely any type of clothing. You can wear them with anything, from sarees to frocks, and from Anarkalis to jeans.

* Chappals. Both men and women wear chappals, though there are new styles in this type of footwear that most people have not yet taken on board. Chappals are normally worn by men over a kurta-salwar ensemble, while most older women wear them with sarees. You can rock a pair of leather chappals this season with your shorts and jeans, but take care to give your look a slight ethnic twist with a kurta. Chappals do not look good with a completely Western ensemble.

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